how to install vinyl tile on concrete floor

How to Install a Vinyl Floor Over Concrete Hunker

Rip up the old flooring and remove. If small bits of glue or the previous surface remains, use a putty knife to remove. Only install vinyl flooring on a completely clean and smooth surface. Move to Step 6 if you are installing the vinyl on new concrete.

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Once you have determined that your concrete floor is not damp, you can successfully install self-adhesive vinyl tile after removing carpet. If the concrete holds moisture, however, the tiles may curl and warp and the project should be abandoned. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles are available at home supply stores in a variety of styles and colors.

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A step-by-step guide to preparing the floor and installing peel-and-stick tiles. . Step Nine // How to Lay a Vinyl Tile Floor. Install Shoe Molding.

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Vinyl flooring Vinyl tile can be laid over old vinyl flooring that's in good condition. If the old floor has a rough texture or some dents and dings, smooth on a skim coat of embossing leveler with a straight edge trowel. This creates a smooth surface and prevents the new tile from eventually taking on the texture of the old floor.

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Step 4 – Install the Tiles. Make sure that the concrete surface is clean and will adhere to the tile. Take the vinyl tiles and place them in the center of the room where the lines bisect. You can install them removing the back paper to expose the sticky part of the tiles. You can keep installing the tiles working from the center towards the walls.