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Tiling over greenboard is far from ideal and I don't recommend it. Having said that, there is plenty of tile around that was installed on top of greenboard. I would recommend that IF you do install tile on the greenboard, you need to coat it with something like Redguard or similar.

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As long as your wall is smooth and flat, you can install a ceramic tile kitchen backsplash directly over drywall or plaster with no problem. Start by cleaning the .

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Hi guys I just installed a tub & shower surround I would like to finish it with tile just wondering if i should install Kerdi over the green board first using .

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Can i tile over green board? . to putting tile on greenboard in a . for a water proofing layer before installing the tile and epoxy grout for it .

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Joe, assuming this greenboard is outside a shower or a combo tub/shower, I'd leave the drywall compound as is but apply a good coat of primer over it. Let dry, then tile. _____

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Here is your guide to water-resistant greenboard drywall to . Properly Installing Greenboard. . She enjoys writing professionally for Modernize with the goal .

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Is it safe to use Greenboard drywall in a shower? . Green board is basically sheetrock . Kerdi that can you even install over drywall in a shower installation.

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What I need to find out is the proper way to install tile around the tub. I . Backer Board only or on top of green board? . do not put backer over greenboard. .

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Tiling over green drywall? My . do at this point is to install kerdi over the top? The greenboard just went up and . his tile shower off greenboard and hasn .

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You can install the tile directly to the greenboard. The tile backer is only needed when your doing a shower or tub. The greenboard is there for protection from the bathoom moisture; if it wasn't a bathroom you could install the tile to almost anyting.

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Yes you can. Cement board has not been around all that long, and people used to tile over green board. Now that cement board is available at every building .

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Thinset over greenboard?? Tile Forum/Advice Board. Ceramic Tile Advice Forums . I'm about to install 12x12 tiles on the walls of the bathroom but I think I screwed up.

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Hi all, i'm installing a small backsplash in my kitchen. I'm using greenboard with subway tile. Should I do any tape joints to even out the bevels? or will the glue .

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What Is Greenboard Drywall? . How to Install Cement Backer Board Under Your Tile Bathroom Tile . Can HardieBacker or Durock Be Installed Over Concrete?

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How to Install Green Board Drywall : Wall Repair . How to Prep Shower Wall Tile - DIY . How to install drywall over a tub or shower .

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You can tile over greenboard sheetrock whether it is in the shower or any other location.

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I was told to use some grout sealer to go over the greenboard. . to apply tile to the damaged greenboard. . to install ceramic tile on greenboard, .

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It’s good for the rest of the bathroom. Greenboard has a waxy surface that makes it difficult to get tiles to adhere to it. One solution is to coat it first in a layer of Kilz or other flat sealing primer, which will stick to the board while providing a suitable surface to hold the tile.

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Spread a ?-inch layer of the tile mortar over the entire greenboard piece. Use the flat edge of a notched trowel to create a flat coat. This will provide an extra bonding layer between the tile and the greenboard, which is important to avoid gaps or bumps in the tile. Start installing the tile while this coat is still wet.

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Raj asks, "I am planning to install a ceramic backsplash in the kitchen over painted drywall. What kind of treatment is needed for the drywall so that it does

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Preping green board for tile . I understand greenboard is not the best choice but it is already installed and I do not have the clearance to install backerboard .

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Forum > Miscellaneous > Bad Contractor; . There was a time when I installed tile over greenboard, . We are renovating our master bathroom and installing porcelain .

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Question Summary: Is it okay to use drywall or green board as a backer for tile in wet areas?

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Do I install my green board before I install my shower pan? . My question is do I install the green board first or the shower pan? . can .

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Tiling over greenboard? . if you install tile over greenboard in a showerstall or tub with showerhead, . it is illegal to apply tile directly to greenboard.